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UnLtd, the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs is supporting a national movement of people who can pass on their own skills and experience gained from establishing a social venture. They’ve teamed up with Santander to offer support, advice and resources to help make this happen.

As a potential facilitator of knowledge sharing for social entrepreneurs, they want to be able to offer you the tools, support and funds to make it happen. And they’d also like you to pass this message on to anyone in your network that you believe would have great ideas on how to connect with their peers. Working together and sharing is the key to achieving greater collective impact.

Whether it’s an idea which could bring social entrepreneurs together to support each other, share skills or grow the marketplace, UnLtd have Awards of £500 available for you and your network to share your experiences and make this happen.

Some Spark Award Winners

UnLtd Karen

Karen has used her Spark Award to start-up Wise-Net; a peer support network for female social entrepreneurs in Scotland.

UnLtd Jon

Jonathan is using his Spark Award to run a series of events to share his ‘Top 100 Tips for Bootstrapping your start-up’.








You can find out more information about UnLtd’s Spark Awards, including how you can apply by clicking here or click on the graphic below for the video

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