Sometimes, being the best at what you do is not enough as business is getting more competitive and every opportunity is becoming a ‘must win’ bid…

It’s a fact of business life that bids and tenders are not always won by the best provider. But it’s always true that they go to the company the client perceives to be the best. The company that does the best job of explaining how their solution meets the client’s needs, and instils confidence in what they will deliver is invariably the one that wins.

The saying goes: ‘you can’t win them all.’ Maybe not, but you can do something positive about giving yourself the best possible chance of success. Enlisting an independent professional coach will help increase your win rate as successful bidding and tendering isn’t a matter of chance, it’s a scientific process that needs specific skills in analysis, bid writing and presentation delivery.

Expert presentation skills coaching and bid writing support will help you win more contracts by providing effective support in all aspects of the tendering process:

  • Identifying client needs ( especially those not in the tender document)

  • Making the “Bid – No Bid” decision

  • Identifying client priorities and ‘must haves’

  • Understanding how clients make decisions and influencing the decision-making process

  • Identifying how your solution meets the need and adds real value

  • Constructing a compelling and logical business case

  • Developing a winning and memorable presentation

  • Engaging your clients and presenting with confidence

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 The above information was kindly supplied by Hugh Graham of The Bid Coach Ltd.