1-DSCN4922e-motive marketing exists to raise the profile and increase the income of the many small and medium sized charities, social enterprises and businesses that make an invaluable contribution to society and the economy.

I hold the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma and Chartered Management Institute Diploma and been involved in marketing throughout my career, particularly within the charity and health and social care sectors, retail and financial services. Having been self employed & employed, I can relate to the challenges that each presents.

I understand how organisations are formed and grow and this experience helps me identify what is needed to differentiate your organisation in a competitive market. As well as being a creative ideas person, I also possess the motivation and focus to bring them to fruition.

My previous experience includes helping Exeter based disability charity St Loye’s Foundation and Devon County Council’s Access to Employment service raise their profiles and generate income.

I’ll provide you with honest and impartial advice and look forward to sharing your passion and helping you succeed!

Best wishes,


Phil Roberts